About Us
We are in the business of Sheet Metal Fabrication & Vitreous Enamel Coating. Vitreous enamel is a non-corrosive, high temperature and electricity resistant coating. We undertake contract work for enameling & sheet metal fabrication according to your requirements.
The business of Vitreous enamel coating requires that our company must be able to coat a wide variety of products in cost-effective ways.

Remaining in business requires the most cost-effective production approaches for the highest quality porcelain available anywhere. We work with clients as value-added partner to ensure their quality standards are met and surpassed. Clients can be a assured of a competitive price & in depth market & product knowledge. Contact us to discuss your specific application.
Gas Appliance Accessories Spin Tubs
Burner Tops Hot Plates
Cooking Range Chamber Sign Boards
Pan Support Kitchenware
Baking Tray Flame Spreader
Tandoor Tray Industrial Pumps
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